Fragmented Future

A unique immersive audiovisual journey

A unique audiovisual universe that takes you to a journey through real and virtual worlds.
Experience musically inspired, breathtaking animations and videos and timelaspes from around the world and discover new dimensions.
A musical journey that takes you to different fictional places with every track. Each track has its own unique atmosphere, colors and mood.

Length: 60min + 10min bonus
Music: Electronic / Album "Fragmented Future"
  Visuals: Scientific, Fiction, Illusions, Timelapses, Real-time Footage
Locations of Photography: Germany, USA, Chile, Netherlands, Nepal, Norway, Iceland, Iran
Directors & Producers: Tonelabs (Ali Raini & Max Pfetscher) & Mahdi Zamani
Production: Germany / 2018-2020

Due to pandemic, next play is postponed to 2022

Concept by :

Directed & Produced by:
tonelabs, Mahdi Zamani

Footage & Timelapse:
Babak A. Tafreshi, Theofanis Matsopoulos, Luis G. Calcada, Yuri Beletsky, Martin Kornmesser, European Southern Observatory(ESO) , NASA, Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth, European Space Agency (ESA), ESA’s Gaia mission & Mahdi Zamani

Music by:
tonelabs (Ali Raini, Max Pfetscher)

Special Effects & Camera Assistant:
Sebastian Hatzak

Visual Effects:
               Luis G. Calcada, NITTY-GRITTY-DESIGN (Max Pfetscher) 

Post-Processing Assistants:
Maral Kosari & Álvaro J. C. Almeida

Special Thanks:
Lars Lindberg Christensen

Tania Johnston & Oana Sandu (ESO Supernova)
Max Rößner (Technical support)
Verena Jäger (Vocals)
Jörg Schambeck (Photographs)
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