Mahdi Zamani
Mahdi's goals have always been helping public with a better understanding of astronomy and science in general using his skills in art. In this sense, he is currently collaborating as a freelance scientific image specialist with some of the world’s largest observatories & organisations such as European Southern Observatory, International Astronomical Union and ESA's Hubble Space Telescope to improve the quality of their visual products for public outreach purposes. He is on an endless endeavor to find new and faster techniques in photography and astronomical image processing. 
He always welcomes new opportunities that might challenge his skills in the field!
Born in 1992, Mahdi has migrated several times to new cities and countries around the world to pursuit his passion. Mahdi is currently based in Munich, Germany.
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Currently Collaborating with

European Southern Observatory is  the world's most productive astronomical observatory.

Hubble Space Telescope  website by European Space Agency (ESA)

International Astronomical Union (IAU)  mission is to promote and safeguard astronomy through international cooperation.

Mahdi's international collaboration office is located inside ESO's headquarters. 

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